ArcticStar 55

  • Ambient & chilled water and hot & chilled water options
  • Hot water booster raises hot water temperature to a max of 95˚C for approx 1.5 ltr. (Un-boosted temperature is up to 90˚C)
  • The Hot & cold cooler has a ECO light sensor to save up to 33% in electricity
  • Manual “tamper proof” push down taps and lack of electronics ensures longevity and easy servicing


  • Modern, reliable, manual push down taps. Tamper & break resistant. Hot tap with safety lock
  • Hot water booster button to raise the temperature from 90˚C to 95˚C (Limited quantity)
  • ECO sensor turns the boiler off when the office lights are switched off. Saves up to 33% in electricity
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ArcticStar 55

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