IceBreak Can Vending Machine.

The superb “half height” Icebreak is an exceptionally compact can dispenser and is ideal as a stand alone machine or a perfect partner to a table top drinks machine, offering a complete and cost effective, total refreshment solution.

The delightfully compact, yet feature packed Icebreak, available exclusively through the Darenth MJS authorised dealer network serves a choice of 5 differing canned cold drink selections.

Designed primarily to complement the entire range of hot drink machines available from Britain’s leading manufacturer, the Icebreak can be configured to work as a slave unit to the host machine. Thereby eliminating the cost and requirement of a separate payment system. Equally as well however, the Icebreak can be fitted with it’s own choice of payment systems, including a full change giving facility, for entirely stand alone use.

A choice of product display and selection systems are also available including the originally innovative display bubble system, which functions as both a display window and a selection button and the all new illuminated window system, which features vandal resistant selection buttons and led lighting, which can be animated to maximise user appeal.

The Icebreak features an energy efficient refrigeration system together with a separate can compartment ad cfc free insulation throughout to minimise power consumption. Restocking the machine is incredibly simple and despite it’s compact size, the Icebreak can hold an enormous 135 cans. Whilst the first in first out transport system ensures the coldest cans are always delivered first. Unique to this innovative market leading machine, the internal transport system delivers the can to the user at waist height, Thereby eliminating the need to bend down to collect your drink.

For a totally refreshing ice cold, cold drink solution, the compact yet feature packed Icebreak by Darenth MJS is simply the best in class.

IceBreak Can Vending MachineIceBreak Can Vending Machine
IceBreak Can Vending MachineIceBreak Can Vending Machine
IceBreak Can Vending MachineIceBreak Can Vending Machine
IceBreak Can Vending Machine
  • Serves a selection of 5 ice cold cans
  • Individual price setting
  • Electronic temperature control, digitally programmable with fully automatic defrost system
  • Available with original and much loved display pods, or new vandal resistant windows with animated LED lighting
  • Chosen product is dispensed at a convenient waist height to eliminate the need to bend down to collect the selected drink
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IceBreak Can Vending Machine
Ice Break Can Vending Machine
IceBreak Can Vending Machine

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