Trade Counter

Trade Counter Vending Machine.

This particular company only employed three staff, however they had a trade counter for their products. With the small number of staff, customers were sometimes left waiting. Although nothing was said, there was a feeling that customers were getting impatient waiting for service.

They called Red Hot Vending and we suggested our Classic machine.

The Classic is ideal as a trade counter vending machine. It allows customers to have a refreshing drink while waiting for service, and takes the stress out of waiting.

Once the system was installed, not only did it reduce customer stress, it also led to more business. Word spreads very quickly about free drinks! Other suppliers in the area didn’t offer free drinks. An increase in customers was noticed. They were attending more regularly and getting their free drinks while they waited. The cost to the company was minimal, but the extra footfall resulted in hundreds of pounds worth of extra business.

Find more details about the Classic and other drinks vending machines here.

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Trade Counter


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