Iceberg Water Machine

With its ability to dispense ambient, chilled or even carbonated (sparkling) water, together with further options of ultra violet purification and up to 4 additional flavourings, the IceBerg will delight users time after time.

IcebergChillout Can Vending Machine
IcebergChillout Can Vending Machine
Chillout Can Vending Machine
IcebergChillout Can Vending Machine

The appropriately named Iceberg, available exclusively from Darenth MJS authorised dealers is the complete, yet ultra compact rehydration solution. Superbly complementing our hot drinks provision in the workplace, or equally at home as a standalone solution in a school or gymnasium, the Iceberg has been designed to address the rapidly growing demand for quality drinking water.

Featuring a high capacity, fully automatic internal cup dispenser, in conjunction with animated feature lighting in the filling station together with a provision for filling sports style bottles where required, the Iceberg delivers high quality filtered, chilled and optionally, ultra violet purified rehydration at the push of a button.

The market leading Iceberg can also be fitted with an optional taste enhancement module, delivering up to 4 additional taste options, including a deliciously refreshing range of flavour hinted waters and a carbonation module can provide further drink enhancement. Totally eliminating the cost, hassle and outright inconvenience of bottle based office water cooler systems. The compact and energy efficient Iceberg by Darenth MJS will deliver all of your rehydration needs.

The IceBerg superbly compliments a hot beverage provision in the workplace or is equally as competent as a stand alone point of use system in a sports centre or gymnasium. The IceBerg serves exceptionally high quality, Brita filtered water that users will simply love.

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