Contactless Card Systems

Suitable for most machines

A complete M2M telemetry and contactless payment solution ideally suited for unattended machine in various applications.

  • Contactless device for use with debit, credit & prepaid cards, and mobile NFC payment transactions
  • Attractive, compact design to fit smaller machines
  • For use in closed and open environments

1. Part of a complete solution

  • Seamlessly integrated with telemetry, cashless clearance, monitoring, management and BI
  • Monitor machines in real-time with continuously updated information on all aspects of operation
  • Inventory, cash monitoring, alerts and reports

2. Intuitive User Interface

  • Bright and colorful graphical capabilities
  • Touch Screen
  • Voice interaction, in local language
  • Any language display capabilities
  • Tone and loudness controlled buzzer
  • LED lighting indicate processing

3. Streamline your operation

  • Switch to operation mode to monitor visits
  • Applicable to all automated machines

4. Plug and Play

  • Remote capabilities & software updates
  • Durable and highly secured to prevent vandalism
  • Easy to install


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