Mini Magnum Coffee Machine

Designed to go where no machine has gone before. With 3 canisters and 9 selections all within a footprint of just 16.5cm wide – proof that size really does matter! More capacity, more features, more style all in an incredible 66cm/16.5cm/45.5cm package plus large and strong options as standard. The Mini Magnum is, without doubt, the most competitively priced tabletop machine available today.

Mini Magnum Coffee Machine Features:

  • Built-in menu including standard and large drinks
  • Full audit facility
  • High speed delivery/whipping system
  • Advanced solid state heating 3kw (13A)
  • Programming in grams & millilitres
  • Pre-loaded drink defaults
  • Low voltage (12V) D.C control system
  • Integral flush system
  • Mains water or pumped versions available
  • 8 premium drinks
  • Hot water on demand and measured
  • Strong/large options as standard
  • Compact size
  • All zintec chassis/polycarbonate door
  • New paint finish using metallic/polyester
  • LED illuminated cup station

Mini magnum vending machine

Mini Magnum Vending Machine

Download Mini Magnum Brochure

Now available as the Mini Magnum Black Edition with expanded capacity.

Mini Magnum Black Edition

Download Mini Magnum Black Edition Brochure

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