Snack Break Slim Vending Machine.

Welcome to the Snack Break SLIM Vending Machine, an innovative new, extremely slimline machine which offers a surprisingly wide choice of products in a machine with such a small footprint.

At only 12″ (30cm) deep, the Snack Break SLIM is around a third the depth of regular snack machines! This means it can be sited in areas which were previously unthinkable. A small room, office, or even a narrow corridor can now accommodate this amazing snack vending machine.

Imagine the surprise of end users on seeing a snack machine with the illuminated Liquid Crystal Display, ready to vend their choice of product in a remote location.

The model can be supplied as a chilled or ambient temperature machine. There is also a choice of lighting (Ice white as standard).

On top of all this, the Snack Break SLIM can also handle numerous “non standard” items such as Pringles, Pot Noodles, Porridge pots, toiletries and other commodities. If it’s an odd size, the SLIM can vend it!

As with all DarenthMJS machines, there are multiple payment options available, including cashless card systems.

To save on the cost of payment mechanisms, the machine can also be slaved to another Darenth machine.

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Snackbreak Slim
Snackbreak Slim

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