Monza In-Cup Vending Machine

The ‘Ultimate Standard’ for total convenience and cost effective vending, the all new Monza is designed to satisfy today’s demanding user with a delicious array of hot and cold beverages.

The machine is unrivalled in its market leading capacity offering up to 1500 cups, engineered to only occupy 0.4 square metres of floor space.

A market leading offering of up to 14 primary drink selections from 10 in-cup based drinks. Further drink customisation options such as sugar or hot/cold water can be made available to enhance user choice, or alternatively the machine can be programmed to automatically prepare and deliver the chosen drink with just the push of one button.


  • Free vend as standard, but can be fitted with an electronic coin
    validator, or a full MDB change giver. The machine is also compatible with the i-key cashless payment system
  • The Nescafe branded version of the Monza accepts 73mm cups
  • The electronically controlled self-opening and closing cup station door ensures both security and safety whilst a drink is being prepared and delivers it effortlessly to the illuminated cup station where water is added
  • High capacity, 7.5ltr sugar container fitted as standard
  • Full Nestle branding with modern LED lighting and backlight panel
  • Elegant stainless steel features

Optional Features

  • Capacity upgrade to increase total number of in-cup product capacity to a total of 1280 in-cup drinks
  • Empty cup dispenser that holds 220 cups for cold water based drinks
  • Optional cold drink system capable of serving ice cold still water

The Monza

Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm) 610 x 1850 x 650

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