Waterboy Water Machine

With its ability to dispense ambient, chilled, or even carbonated water, and with the additional option to add up to 4 flavourings to the dispensed drink, the WaterBoy is sure to delight time after time.

WaterboyChillout Can Vending Machine
WaterboyChillout Can Vending Machine
WaterboyChillout Can Vending Machine
WaterboyChillout Can Vending Machine

The Waterboy, available exclusively through the Darenth MJS authorised dealer network is designed to meet the rapidly increasing demand for high quality drinking water in the office and workplace environment.

Incorporating a convenient cup storage system, the Waterboy provides a convenient source of filtered, chilled and optionally ultra violet purified drinking water.

The Waterboy can also be fitted with an optional carbonated module, which enables extremely refreshing chilled and carbonated water to be served. An optional flavour enhancement system can also be fitted, which enables the machine to deliver up to 4 additional taste options, including a delicious range of flavour hinted waters.

Whist perfectly happy functioning as a stand alone machine, The Waterboy also serves as the perfect partner to the entire range of hot drinks equipment available from Britain’s leading manufacturer. Totally eliminating the cost, hassle and outright inconvenience of bottle based office water cooler systems.

The compact and energy efficient Waterboy by Darenth MJS provides the modern day solution to office water needs.

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