Elite Belgian Biscuits, Continental Biscuits Packed In Belgium.

SPECULOO The classic continental biscuit. Available in packs of 200. Mildly flavoured with a touch of cinnamon

DELICE A Vanilla flavoured ‘Speculoo’. available in packs of 200.

Minimum Order quantities apply for free delivery.

Other items are available on special order such as Panetonne and filled wafer biscuits (Balocco) please always ask for details (special terms may apply).

A selection of delightful and delicious nibbles! They are suitable for vending or counter sales. The Lemon Zesty and the Chocolate crispy are vegan too and the lemon zesty is also gluten free! The flapjack is perfect!

Counter sale organic and fairtrade selection Caprice are simply the finest filled wafer sticks you will ever taste. They are the main biscuit in Greece where these delightful wafer sticks come from and out sell all other brands.

How, you may wonder – put simply they do not risk reducing quality for price! they insist on the highest quality ingredients and have developed the biscuits to literally melt in your mouth! This also ensures consistancy in their product which is so often variable in lesser brands! Perfect with anything or, as the loyal Caprice customers say ‘Why not have a cup of coffee to go with your Caprice?’

Belgian Biscuits

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