Which vending machine will offer the most profit?

A vending machine can be a really good investment, especially if you choose the right products and a popular location. Businesses can come to us to choose a great one and a reliable refill service. We strive to provide the very best vending machines East Yorkshire has to offer. We even vow to beat any genuine price.

It is difficult to definitively say that one type of machine or a specific product offers the most profit. You need to look at things like location, the cost of stocking and restocking, energy consumption, and more. However there are some things that can help you decide what will be the most profitable.


You need to ensure you provide products that appeal to your audience. For example you may not want lots of fizzy sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks in a health centre or hospital. You need to look carefully at the audience to see what they will want.

Type of machine

There are a surprisingly large number of different machines to choose from. For example you could have hot or cold drinks, chilled snacks, or room temperature products. In addition you could have different styles of machine, including the traditional slot version, tower, or even arm controlled ones. Again you need to think about what people want to make sure you cater for them and stand the best chance of getting sales.


It is always better to have a vending machine in a high footfall area like a lobby. As a result it will attract more attention. Make sure the machine is visible and not hidden away in a corner where nobody will walk past it and see what is on offer.


While there are no figures to say which product is bought more frequently from vending machines, there are some that are obvious choices. In the UK people love snacks, whether it is crisps, chocolate, or sweets. These can offer a good ROI too because bulk orders have a price cost per unit.

Red Hot Vending can help you choose the right machine, products and location. This way you have the best chance to make a profit from it. We have a great reputation and work hard to ensure every client is happy.

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