Water Machines

The Range of free standing and counter top Water Machines we supply, offer different Prices and levels of design and sophistication from the “Economy” Hydropoint 25 to the “Traditional” Jazz1000/Jazz1100 to the “Up Market” AA3300 and the “Top of Range” AA4400 plus the “Stylish and Affordable” Evolution 35.

All Water Machines are available as POU, point of use, connected to the mains water supply via a filter, in both ambient & cold formats. (No more Health & Safety issues, storing and lugging around large water bottles and you avoid the expense of buying bottled water). Our floor standing Water Machines have an ergonomic tap height and the table top units fit right under overhanging kitchen cupboards.

As an alternative to the water machines listed below, we also offer Bravilor Bonamat cold water machines for pure, filtered cold water at 5’c – 12’c for a refreshing, delicious and healthy chilled drink.
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Iceberg Water Machine

The Iceberg is a feature packed, “full size” point of use waterIceberg water machine machine which caters to the growing demand for high quality drinking water. Backed by Brita, the market leader in water filtration technology, the IceBerg perfectly solves all your re-hydration needs.

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Waterboy Water Machine

The WaterBoy is specifically designed to meet the rapidly growing demand for Waterboyquality drinking water and complements various other drinks machines we supply. Backed by the most recognisable name and undoubted market leader in water filtration technology, the WaterBoy water machine features prominent Brita branding, enhancing customer appeal.

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POU Water Chillers

water chiller

The AA4400X SIP, Evolution 35 SIP & AA3300X SIP water chillers are the worlds most advanced coolers with SIP Ozone self-sanitisation with Sleep Mode.

Sleep Mode turns the power off to the cooler during times of no use, in test it is shown that if set to sleep between 6.00pm and 6.00am the annual saving in electricity 1s 139 kwh, reducing the carbon footprint of 74.5 kg per year.

What is SIP?

SIP cleans and sanitises by circulating micro bubbles of chemical freewater chiller 2 Ozone into your water cooler. Bio film, bacteria, viruses & mould can’t survive ozone exposure. Each night SIP activates for 5 mins to sanitise your cooler, ensuring total cleanliness.Installing a SIP unit automatically sanitises 365 nights per year.


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