Roma Duo

We proudly deliver yet another true innovation to the market with the Roma Duo. The ideal combination of functionality, style and efficiency, the Roma Duo is perfect for locations where both dispense speed and menu choice are critical, but where there can be absolutely no compromise in taste.

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Expertly engineered, the Roma Duo is a high capacity twin station machine combining proven technology with rugged dependability.
Built with two separate brewers, the design allows both freshly ground coffee and fresh leaf tea to be served simultaneously from a single machine. Alternatively both stations can be configured to serve freshly ground coffee.
Truly innovative, robust and stylish the Roma Duo can deliver up to 28 different drinks without compromising either quality or taste.

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Roma Duo Features:

  • Market leading, simultaneous twin dispense system allows two drinks to be served at the same time.
  • Optional Fresh Leaf Tea brewer serves freshly brewed tea to the same high standard.
  • 6 additional high capacity ingredient canisters for granulated milk and chocolate plus choice of sugar, instant coffee, decaf coffee or different product entirely.
  • 28 one-touch selection keys all keys fully reprogrammable for any recipe selection.
  • Ideal machine for larger offices, cafes, golf clubs, bars and restaurants.
  • Split boiler system for energy and operational efficiency together with closed-loop pressure control system.
  • High speed, precision balanced mixing systems deliver coffee shop quality results from granulated milk with none of the hassle that fresh milk entails.
  • High precision conical grinding and volumetric dosing systems ensure perfect espresso time after time.
  • Neon-effect backlighting with choice of colour options.
  • Striking combination of powder coated steel cabinet and contrasting highly polished stainless steel features.

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