When to replace a Hot Drinks Vending Machine.

In today’s fast paced world, Hot Drinks Vending Machines can be a real blessing.

Relaxing with a hot drink, there’s nothing like it.
Especially when it’s been made for you by a modern vending machine.Hot Drinks Vending Machine

But, if you imagine your Hot Drinks Vending Machine looks anything like this inside, don’t you think it’s about time to upgrade to a new vending machine?

Although this is a lighthearted picture, there are a couple of more serious messages.

First there’s the obvious overworked, worn out internal “mechanics”.

As a hot drinks vending machine ages, it starts becoming less reliable.
After all, a vending machine consists of moving mechanical parts, just like a car.
And as the vending machine gets older, just like a car that’s done 100,000 miles, things will start to wear out.

Less obviously, we can also see that there’s mess and clutter around the inside of the machine.
Again, just like an old car, an old vending machine will be more difficult to keep clean.

A clean vending machine is a healthy vending machine!

How to know when your Hot Drinks Vending Machine needs replacing.

  • Are you constantly being called to the machine because it’s “robbed” someone of their money without vending a drink?.. Then it’s probably getting unreliable and needs replacing. (It may just need minor repair or adjustment, give us a call first!)
  • Are you always having to call out the engineer for small niggly repairs?.. Again, just like an old car there comes a time to let it go and upgrade to a new (or newer) machine, give us a call.
  • Are you constantly having to refill your vending machine?.. Your business may well have outgrown the machine. Call us for advice on a new machine which can handle more capacity.
  • Are you getting complaints that the hot drinks from the machine are “stale” or the ingredients are “stuck together” and won’t mix?.. This could mean that your machine is underused. Or there could be a problem with the boiler. Give us a call.

Hot Drinks Vending machines come in many different versions, depending on your requirements. They are capable of vending a mixture of coffees, teas, hot chocolates or just hot water.

3 easy steps to replacing your old Hot Drinks Vending machine.

  1. Choose a machine. (We know the choice can be daunting, so we can help you.)
  2. Choose your drinks. (Probably the easiest part.)
  3. Contact us! (Even easier than No 2!)

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