New Hot Drink vending Machines Announced.

Darenth, Red Hot Vending’s main suppliers of in-cup vending machines, have revamped and updated some of their models, for release next year.

These will be available sometime in January 2016.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking of a new vending machine, now is the time to buy, before prices go up!

There is due to be a price increase across the Darenth range of machines in the new year.
We have absorbed previous price increases and kept our prices static and competitive for some time. Unfortunately, we shall have to pass some of the new price increase on to our clients… Details to follow.Darenth Elite Vending Machine

The Encore Elite has been updated and renamed simply as the Elite.



Both versions of the Minicup Flex have been given a facelift.Darenth Classic Vending Machine

The Classic is the new free-vend version of this popular machine.




And the Professional is now performing as the smart, pay per vend version.Darenth Professional Vending Machine





The Style 5 has also been given a contemporary makeover and this new version is now called the Style.Darenth Style Vending Machine