Making Hot Drinks Wastes Working Time

How long do your workers take making tea and coffee?

According to Lauren Davidson from The Telegraph: A survey in 2014 indicated that British workers spend numerous days a year not working at all.

British workers waste 4 days of paid working time a year on tea and coffee breaks.

Although making hot drinks takes time, chatting with work colleagues is the bigger time waster.

A number of non-work related activities were highlighted in the survey, although many workers probably do several of these non-productive things at the same time.

Another thing highlighted is that younger workers wasted more time than older workers.

Hot drink timewasting

On the face of it, aside from extreme surveillance, there seems to be little you can do about all this time-wasting.

However, as already mentioned, some of these activities happen at the same time, it’s probably safe to assume that a fair amount of “chat” probably goes hand in hand with tea and coffee making.

There’s obviously no problem at all during “official” breaks, but can become a problem if refreshment breaks are taken ad hoc.
Someone turns up and puts on the kettle, a few minutes later another thirsty individual appears, starts chatting, then someone else… And so it goes on.

One possible answer to this problem would be to shorten the time taken to make hot drinks.

A hot drinks vending machine would have an immediate impact on this aspect of time-wasting.

Traditional method of making a hot drink:

  • Wash cup/spoon from previous use 30 secs
  • Fill kettle 10 secs
  • Add ingredients to cup 10 -20 secs
  • Wait for kettle to boil 2 -3 mins
  • Add hot water to cup 5 secs
  • Add milk if required 10 secs
  • Stir 5 secs

Total: 3 mins plus

Remember that the chatting starts at the drink making location.
A 3 minute wait for drinks can easily turn into a 15 – 20 minute chat!

Typical hot drinks vending machine:

  • Press button 1 sec
  • Wait for 15 secs
  • Collect cup from machine 2 secs

Total: less than 20 secs
We can see that the window of opportunity to start conversations is negligible if a hot drink vending machine is in use.

If a worker spends less than 20 seconds obtaining their drink, there is far less opportunity to be waylaid by someone else.

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