I Key Cashless Vending Machines

I-KEY cashless vending:

This cashless vending payment system is simply the most functional, cost-effective, and flexible cashless payment solution available. Providing total cost management and accountability in multiple formats, the system is compatible with a wide range of hot and cold beverage, snack and can vending equipment.

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Widely regarded to be the gold standard in cashless payment technology, the I Key system by Darenth MJS is simply the most functional, cost effective, flexible solution to all cashless vending payment requirements. Offering all the features and benefits usually only seen on far more expensive systems, the I Key system also benefits from vastly superior contactless technology, ensuring the keys themselves are robust and reliable. The security of the system is ensured, as every transaction is encoded, using the very latest encryption algorithm. A wide variety of key types are available to meet all end user requirements. And as well as functioning as a totally secure electronic purse , credit bank, granting discounts to privileged users or entirely free vend to site owners, the I Key system can equally well be used to bring total cost control within a free vend workplace environment ensuring that employers hospitality is not abused. With absolutely no electro-mechanical or moving parts to wear out, maintenance issues are eliminated entirely. And hugely frustrating coin jams, often caused by large numbers of small value coins, being inserted to make single purchases can be eliminated forever. The market leading and incredibly cost effective cashless vending I Key system can be fitted across the entire Darenth MJS equipment range, delivering a modern day solution, far more reliable, secure and convenient than just cash alone. The I-Key system’s overall flexibility is enhanced by the Recharger, a wall-mounted “recharging” station which provides a separate point where users can top up their I-Keys. This makes for a labour saving system. Minimal cash handling by staff means true “cashless vending”.

Watch the I Key recharger video.

Designed to further enhance the benefits of our market leading I-Key system, the wall mounted recharger, available exclusively to the Darenth MJS authorised dealer network, provides a secure and convenient point, where users can quickly and easily purchase top-up credit for their keys.

The comprehensive audit facility provides a complete record of all transactions made and a high security, fully welded cabinet construction, together with a fully electronic alarm system, fitted as standard, ensures your cash remains safe and secure. As well as accepting all denominations of coins as standard, the recharger can be specified to have a high quality note accepter, allowing paper based payments to be made and thereby delivering a significant added convenience across our entire equipment range.

Additionally, and when desired, the recharger can be programmed to offer promotions on note based payments,  encouraging additional user spend, vastly improving cash flow and providing an ideal way of rewarding customer’s loyalty.

Whether to enhance end user convenience, improve site security or simply to centralise cash collection, the wall mounted recharger electronic top up station by Darenth MJS is the ideal solution.

I Key Cashless Vending Features:

The system is based on superior contactless technology which provides ruggedness and long term reliability. The durable plastic keys do not deteriorate due to wear or dirt build up because there are no electrical contacts to become dirty, damaged or worn.

Maintenance issues associated with similar reader systems are totally eliminated as there are no electro-mechanical or moving parts within the reader and the solid-state electronics are of the highest quality.

Customers can be assured of total security with the system as all transactions are 100% security encoded using the very latest encryption techniques. Key usage can be restricted to individual machines or groups of machines as required.

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