Hot Drink Refills – Cost v quality


Hot Drink Refills – Cost v quality.Douwe Egberts

Here at Red Hot Vending, we sometimes get asked for an extremely cheap price on unbranded hot drink refills.
Even though it could mean losing a potential customer, we always turn down these sort of requests… Why?

Because we are just not prepared to risk our reputation on unknown, untested products with no guarantee of any sort of quality.

In this life, you usually get what you pay for.

Ever wondered just what effect a poor quality cup of coffee could have on a blossoming business relationship?

We’ve probably all been there… Whilst visiting a prospective client, a new customer or supplier, there is always the obligatory social protocol of offer and acceptance of a hot drink.
While waiting for your drink, you fervently hope that your host only uses quality drink refills… Just like you do in your own business.

If a bitter, poor quality drink is offered, it could well tip the balance on any business decisions made that day!

Now, we aren’t saying that unbranded hot drinks are always terrible quality. But we do PG Tips quality hot drinkbelieve that to achieve CONSISTENT good quality a premium branded product, or at least a good quality generic product we know and trust MUST be used.

We don’t know about you, but we would much rather pay a couple of pennies more for a cup of coffee or tea, to guarantee a great drink every time!

So, if you want “cheap” coffee, we’ll regretfully have to turn down your request.

We will of course always offer you an unbeatable price on a premium or a good quality generic product.

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