Darenth Vogue In-Cup Vending Machine offering you a complete refreshment centre

Darenth Vogue In Cup Vending Machine

Available for rental or purchase 

  • Darenth Vogue In Cup Vending Machine
  • Vogue with Blue Ice
  • Vogue on Cabinet
  • Vogue on SnackBreak

The Vogue Vending Machine is a fully automatic, high capacity, table top drinks machine.  Taking  advantage of in cup drink technology, which means quick and easy refills as well as very quick and easy cleaning.

The machine can be operated in house meaning all profits made are yours and not the vending operators.

This machine features a stylish combination of black high gloss panels and stainless steel trim with contemporary eye-catching neon-effect back-lighting.

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The Vogue machine is similar in operation to the Refresh 700 Machine shown in the video below.

Vogue In Cup Vending Machine features :

  • 14 one touch chrome effect selection keys
  • Neon-effect backlighting
  • Pre-selection option for sugar
  • Fully automatic operation
  • High 740 cup capacity

The machine can be supplied with hot drinks only, hot and ambient cold or even with a chiller module offering refreshing cold water.

Available payment options include:- free vend, basic coin control, change-giving and cashless payment system is also an optional extra for this vending machine.

The Vogue In Cup Vending Machine is designed to be a table top machine, but can be supplied with a regular base cabinet or a custom styled cabinet with additional stainless steel trim and internal waste bin.

The Vogue is also compatible with the SnackBreak Mini, IceBreak and Waterboy chilled water base units. This can effectively offer a full combination refreshment station which can vend snacks, confectionery as well as hot and cold drinks.

The Vogue In Cup Vending Machine is without doubt a real attention grabber that will also grab the taste buds!