Darenth Style 5 Price Comparison

For the lowest price on the Style 5 Hot Drinks Vending Machine, just check out our comparison chart.Style 5 in cup drinks machine

Your choice of vendor is obvious.

Red Hot Vending!




Supplier Price Savings
Red Hot Vending £1,399.00
Pioneer Vending £1,850.00 £451.00
Thirsty Cups £2,258.00 £859.00
Beverage Group £1,800.00 £401.00
Business Vending £1,539.67 £140.67
Vending Express £1,899.00 £500.00
Intelligent Vending £1,560.00 £161.00
C.B.S. £1,635.00 £236.00

So with a maximum possible saving of £859 (more than 38%), why go anywhere else?

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