Combination Vending Machines

Combination Vending Machines.

Offering unmatched capacity and offering a wide user choice, a range of options are available so that the machines can be precisely tailored to your requirements.

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  • Vending Machine Combination 3
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Almost all of the machines in the extensive Darenth MJS product range are equipped as standard with the necessary intelligence and electronic interface to allow them to communicate with one another. This innovative new technology allows machines to be banked together, to create total refreshment combination solutions.

For higher throughput requirements, our full height combination solutions provide end users with the added convenience of a much wider product choice. And key to the total refreshment solutions concept is that a single payment system can also be used. It eliminates the inconvenience of inserting small coins into separate machines.

For smaller office and workplace requirements, our unique market moving half height solutions are the ideal choice with units available to serve high quality water based drinks, a wide range of crisps, snacks and pre packaged drinks or 5 different selections of cans, which are served deliciously ice cold.

For total choice, functionality and the ultimate in end user convenience contact us and let us build a total combination refreshment solution, perfectly matched to your needs.

This extensive range of vending machines comes from one of Europe’s leading designers of vending, catering, and beverage dispenser equipment. A clever ‘modular’ approach to  designing these vending machines allows refreshment solutions to be combined easily and effectively.

Offering convenience, unrivalled capacity and huge user choice, a combination total refreshment centre from Red Hot Vending is simply your best solution.

For high capacity requirements, our full height solutions provide a much wider product choice. For smaller office and workplace requirements, our unique, market leading half height solutions are the ideal choice.

With an advanced electronic interface system, the machines in this range offer simpler payment systems, instead of having a separate payment source on each machine.

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