The New £1 coin

Most vending machine coin mechanisms can be upgraded at a reasonable cost usually between £50 and £100 depending on the type, make and model.

Our customers benefit from a special discount if they are placing regular orders as they also do with servicing needs.

So become a customer and benefit from our offers contact us on 0800 413559

Discontinued Vending Machines.

Hot drink vending machines are occasionally discontinued by the makers , to make way for new contemporary, updated machines.

These older machines may be still available for some time as reconditioned units.

Please contact us for details.

Style 5 Vending Machine. (Now replaced by the Style Vending Machine)

For a delicious and refreshing hot drink, this feature packed semi-automatic machine offers a wide choice of 5 selections and a total capacity of 305 in-cup drinks (525 when fitted with capacity upgrade.)

See The Video Below.


Dowload the Style 5 brochure here.

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Encore Auto Vending Machine. (Now replaced by the Elite Vending Machine)

For a delicious and refreshing hot drink, this compact, yet semi-automatic machine offers a choice of 5 selections and a total capacity of over 195 in-cup drinks.

  • Encore Auto Vending Machine
  • Encore Auto Vending Machine Buttons
  • Encore Auto Vending Machine Coinslot
  • Encore Auto Vending Machine Hot Water
  • Encore Auto Vending Machine Kenco Livery

View The Encore Auto Video Below.

Download the Encore Auto brochure here.

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Minicup Flex Vending Machine.

(Now replaced by the Classic and the Professional)

For the ultimate in cost effective refreshment, the Minicup Flex Vending Machine is compact, but highly functional and versatile. This machine offers a choice of either 5 (manual) or 4 automatic (coin controlled) in-cup drink selections.

  • Mini Cup Flex Vending Machine
  • Mini Cup Flex Vending Machine Button
  • Mini Cup Flex Vending Machine Kenco livery
  • Mini Cup Flex Vending Machine Sugar
  • Mini Cup Flex Vending Machine Multiple

Play The Minicup Flex Vending Machine Video Below.


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New Hot Drink vending Machines Announced.

Darenth, Red Hot Vending’s main suppliers of in-cup vending machines, have revamped and updated some of their models, for release next year.

These will be available sometime in January 2016.

In the meantime, if you’ve been thinking of a new vending machine, now is the time to buy, before prices go up!

There is due to be a price increase across the Darenth range of machines in the new year.
We have absorbed previous price increases and kept our prices static and competitive for some time. Unfortunately, we shall have to pass some of the new price increase on to our clients… Details to follow.Darenth Elite Vending Machine

The Encore Elite has been updated and renamed simply as the Elite.



Both versions of the Minicup Flex have been given a facelift.Darenth Classic Vending Machine

The Classic is the new free-vend version of this popular machine.




And the Professional is now performing as the smart, pay per vend version.Darenth Professional Vending Machine





The Style 5 has also been given a contemporary makeover and this new version is now called the Style.Darenth Style Vending Machine

Lowest Priced In Cup Vending Machines!

Cheapest In Cup Vending Machines In The UK.

Having carried out comprehensive internet research, for the second year running, Red Hot Vending have lowered the bar again for the lowest prices on in-cup vending machines.

They have produced savings of up to £1,245.48 across the range of Darenth machines.

These are brand new machines, which are delivered straight from the supplier.

In the unlikely event that you find a cheaper price elsewhere, contact us HERE and we’ll beat it!

(Prices checked online Nov 2015).

View Encore Auto.

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View Refresh 700.

[table id=4 /]

View Minicup Flex.

[table id=5 /]

View Style 5.

[table id=6 /]

View Darenth Vogue.

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View Encore Elite.

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View Carousel.

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View Mini Carousel.

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Making Hot Drinks Wastes Working Time

How long do your workers take making tea and coffee?

According to Lauren Davidson from The Telegraph: A survey in 2014 indicated that British workers spend numerous days a year not working at all.

British workers waste 4 days of paid working time a year on tea and coffee breaks.

Although making hot drinks takes time, chatting with work colleagues is the bigger time waster.

A number of non-work related activities were highlighted in the survey, although many workers probably do several of these non-productive things at the same time.

Another thing highlighted is that younger workers wasted more time than older workers.

Hot drink timewasting

On the face of it, aside from extreme surveillance, there seems to be little you can do about all this time-wasting.

However, as already mentioned, some of these activities happen at the same time, it’s probably safe to assume that a fair amount of “chat” probably goes hand in hand with tea and coffee making.

There’s obviously no problem at all during “official” breaks, but can become a problem if refreshment breaks are taken ad hoc.
Someone turns up and puts on the kettle, a few minutes later another thirsty individual appears, starts chatting, then someone else… And so it goes on.

One possible answer to this problem would be to shorten the time taken to make hot drinks.

A hot drinks vending machine would have an immediate impact on this aspect of time-wasting.

Traditional method of making a hot drink:

  • Wash cup/spoon from previous use 30 secs
  • Fill kettle 10 secs
  • Add ingredients to cup 10 -20 secs
  • Wait for kettle to boil 2 -3 mins
  • Add hot water to cup 5 secs
  • Add milk if required 10 secs
  • Stir 5 secs

Total: 3 mins plus

Remember that the chatting starts at the drink making location.
A 3 minute wait for drinks can easily turn into a 15 – 20 minute chat!

Typical hot drinks vending machine:

  • Press button 1 sec
  • Wait for 15 secs
  • Collect cup from machine 2 secs

Total: less than 20 secs
We can see that the window of opportunity to start conversations is negligible if a hot drink vending machine is in use.

If a worker spends less than 20 seconds obtaining their drink, there is far less opportunity to be waylaid by someone else.

Of course, the best place to get your hot drinks vending machine is right here at Red Hot Vending.

Take a look at a selection of our Freevend Machines

Or get in touch HERE for our latest offers.

The General Election and Coffee

Well, election time is here so we thought its’ time for a little fun…

Here goes.

Politics coffee

Check out the CONSERVATIVE prices on our LABOUR saving coffee machines.

With such a LIBERAL selection on offer at such great prices, our competition will be GREEN with envy and we’ll make sure UKIP better at night.

With the prices on offer you’d have to be a MONSTER RAVING LOONY not to take advantage of them!

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How easy is it to use a vending machine?

Using our vending machines is so simple

that even a monkey can do it.

Here at Red Hot Vending we believe in simplicity wherever possible.
Why make life difficult for end users.

Vending Machines are MEANT to be easy to use!

If it comes down to putting money in a slot and pressing a button,
why complicate things?

Now, I fancy a drink…Where did I put my change?


Food and Drink Allergy Rules

EU allergy rules came into force in December 2014.

These rules oblige food outlets to inform customers about 14 different allergens which may be present in any food or drinks supplied.

Around 2 million people in the UK suffer from allergies which can be triggered by these ingredients.

These new regulations also apply to all vending machines, so please be aware, and display the appropriate notices at the point of sale / delivery.

Fines of up to £5,000 are possible, with further sanctions in the cases where negligence is apparent.

An allergen list of all products supplied by us can be found here.

If you need any further help, advice or information on this matter, please contact us.

Darenth Style 5 Price Comparison

For the lowest price on the Style 5 Hot Drinks Vending Machine, just check out our comparison chart.Style 5 in cup drinks machine

Your choice of vendor is obvious.

Red Hot Vending!




Supplier Price Savings
Red Hot Vending £1,399.00
Pioneer Vending £1,850.00 £451.00
Thirsty Cups £2,258.00 £859.00
Beverage Group £1,800.00 £401.00
Business Vending £1,539.67 £140.67
Vending Express £1,899.00 £500.00
Intelligent Vending £1,560.00 £161.00
C.B.S. £1,635.00 £236.00

So with a maximum possible saving of £859 (more than 38%), why go anywhere else?

Get in touch now!

Ask how we could sweeten the deal with a discount on your first refill.


Darenth Minicup Flex Price Comparison

Look no further for the lowest price on the Darenth Minicup Flex Vending Machine.Minicup Flex Base Cabinet

We have the best price right here at Red Hot Vending.

Just take a look at the amazing savings below.

(All prices checked online 13.10.15.)



Supplier Price Savings
Red Hot Vending £550.00
Pioneer Vending £745.00 £195.00
Thirsty Cups £870.00 £320.00
Beverage Group £950.00 £400.00
Business Vending £699.72 £149.72
Coffee Drops £1,175.00 £625.00
Vending Express £695.00 £145.00
Completely Water £933.20 £383.20
York Coffee Systems £1,071.00 £521.00
C.B.S. £699.00 £149.00
Office Vending £1,159.00 £609.00

So with savings of up to £625 wouldn’t you feel strange buying your Minicup Flex anywhere but right here at Red Hot Vending?