Carousel Vending Machine

Carousel Vending Machine

A surprisingly simple idea from Darenth put together with real flair means the Carousel Vending Machine is the ideal solution for the smaller establishment that needs a versatile, practical and attractive unit.

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The Carousel utilizes the popular in-cup drinks system, so combined with the integral boiler and refillable water bottle, the carousel is an amazingly simple solution for quality hot drinks.

The Carousel, by Darenth MJS combines an ingenious original concept, together with a real flair to create a versatile, practical and attractive unit. Cups are stored in a revolving carousel, which makes both the stocking and drink selection incredibly easy. The water is supplied from a 5 litre bottle, which can be easily refilled, thanks to the unique one way valve design and additional bottles can be supplied for on the go requirements. The Carousel’s internal water heater is both fast and energy efficient, taking just a few minutes to heat up from cold and a reserve capacity ensures service can continue even immediately after the bottle has been changed. This 10 selection, up to 300 cup capacity machine is an entry level, delightfully simple and stylish solution for serving in cup drinks.

The Carousel can be sited anywhere, even areas without access to a plumbed water supply. Just fill the water bottle, add everyone’s favourite drinks and that’s it!  Just choose your in cup drink, and add hot water from the outlet. The in cup drinks concept means there are no ingredients to spill, so fast easy cleaning means no arguments about who’s turn it is to “clean the coffee machine”.

If you have a need for a portable machine to use in temporary or short lived locations, the Carousel Vending Machine is the perfect choice. Set it up in minutes and use it for hours or days without the need for plumbing.


  • 10 selections
  • 350 In-Cup capacity
  • Integral water heater
  • Adjustable separator mechanism for 71mm, 73mm and 76mm cups
  • 5 litre refillable water bottle
  • Easy to fill, clean and use
  • No plumbing required

Buy now for only £590.00 + Vat when ordering 5 or more cases of drinks.