Bulk Products

Bulk Products from Red Hot Vending:red hot vending fairtrade

Our bulk products include freeze-dried instant, decaffeinated and Fairtrade products as well as Freshbrew, Filter and Coffee Beans.

Bulk Instant Coffeebulk product refill Douwe Egberts

We can offer premium branded coffee from Douwe Egberts, it gives a medium and well balanced flavour suitable for drinking at any time of the day

NESCAFÉ is the world’s favourite coffee. In Britain, we drink a massive 15000 cups of bulk product refill nescafeNESCAFÉ every minute.

Other blends of the finest coffees, especially high roasted and freeze dried are available to deliver a continental fuller flavour coffee. Specially formulated for use in automatic beverage systems.

Bulk Fresh Ground Coffee

Recognised nationally and internationally as a premium brand, Douwe Egberts is a high quality coffee made from a blend of the finest beans that produces a smooth, aromatic drink with a caramel-like taste and pleasing créma layer. This product is ideal for a premium coffee through Freshbrew vending machines.

Bulk Espresso Beansbulk product refill coffee beans

Our selected blends of Arabica & Robusta Beans deliver a rich continental coffee for use in espresso and Bean to Cup machines. We can also match your current suppliers blend if required.

Bulk Toppings & WhitenersCappuccino Topping

Cappuccino toppings that create a natural dairy tasting low fat topping with a good long lasting foam for speciality coffees such as Latte or Cappuccino.

A range of whiteners to suit your specific business needs – providing choice, quality and consistent results for great tasting beverages.

Bulk Cadburys ChocolateCadbury 2

The ultimate deliciously smooth instant chocolate drink for vending machines. An all-day drinking chocolate and the perfect accompaniment to the Cappuccino Club range.

Bulk Soups

For a warming alternative to tea or coffee, soup is proving really popular. With improved recipes, reduced salt and no MSG, our soups are ideal for a tasty snack. Our soup range is available in the most popular flavours including tomato, chicken and vegetable.

Bulk Sugar

Silver Spoon sugar is a leading brand of sugar, specially formulated for excellent flow in vending machines.