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Istall a coffee machine and save issues in your workplace.

No queuing outside kitchens, simply press your selection and your drink is dispensed in one easy step.

No handling Coffee Jars, Tea Caddies or sugar bowls,

Simply wipe the buttons down with an anti-bacterial whip and you’ve done.


Keep customers and staff hydrated with a vending machine

The quality makes ours the vending machines East Yorkshire businesses can rely on. The number of machines on offer means that you can choose what you think would effectively satisfy your needs. You can pick a system that is ideal for your environment and requirements. People love the convenience of this equipment and you might also find that it helps improve your business.

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Which vending machine will offer the most profit?

A vending machine can be a really good investment, especially if you choose the right products and a popular location. Businesses can come to us to choose a great one and a reliable refill service. We strive to provide the very best vending machines East Yorkshire has to offer. We even vow to beat any genuine price.

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The ways vending machines can make your business money

We are a supplier of vending machines East Yorkshire businesses can always rely on. We pride ourselves on how affordable our selection is. You will be able to choose a machine that is perfect for your business and needs. In addition we offer re-filling services so you always have the right stock.

We are a supplier of vending machines East Yorkshire businesses can always rely on. We pride ourselves on how affordable our selection is. You will be able to choose a machine that is perfect for your business and needs. In addition we offer re-filling services so you always have the right stock.

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The importance of varying the contents of vending machines

Providing the best vending machines Hull has to offer is our goal. To do this we offer top quality machines and a wide selection of refill products. One thing we always advise clients about is offering variety. This way, whether it is employees or customers, they will leave happy and satisfied.

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The New £1 coin

Most vending machine coin mechanisms can be upgraded at a reasonable cost usually between £50 and £100 depending on the type, make and model.

Our customers benefit from a special discount if they are placing regular orders as they also do with servicing needs.

So become a customer and benefit from our offers contact us on 0800 413559

When to replace a Hot Drinks Vending Machine.

In today’s fast paced world, Hot Drinks Vending Machines can be a real blessing.

Relaxing with a hot drink, there’s nothing like it.
Especially when it’s been made for you by a modern vending machine.Hot Drinks Vending Machine

But, if you imagine your Hot Drinks Vending Machine looks anything like this inside, don’t you think it’s about time to upgrade to a new vending machine?

Although this is a lighthearted picture, there are a couple of more serious messages.

First there’s the obvious overworked, worn out internal “mechanics”.

As a hot drinks vending machine ages, it starts becoming less reliable.
After all, a vending machine consists of moving mechanical parts, just like a car.
And as the vending machine gets older, just like a car that’s done 100,000 miles, things will start to wear out.

Less obviously, we can also see that there’s mess and clutter around the inside of the machine.
Again, just like an old car, an old vending machine will be more difficult to keep clean.

A clean vending machine is a healthy vending machine!

How to know when your Hot Drinks Vending Machine needs replacing.

  • Are you constantly being called to the machine because it’s “robbed” someone of their money without vending a drink?.. Then it’s probably getting unreliable and needs replacing. (It may just need minor repair or adjustment, give us a call first!)
  • Are you always having to call out the engineer for small niggly repairs?.. Again, just like an old car there comes a time to let it go and upgrade to a new (or newer) machine, give us a call.
  • Are you constantly having to refill your vending machine?.. Your business may well have outgrown the machine. Call us for advice on a new machine which can handle more capacity.
  • Are you getting complaints that the hot drinks from the machine are “stale” or the ingredients are “stuck together” and won’t mix?.. This could mean that your machine is underused. Or there could be a problem with the boiler. Give us a call.

Hot Drinks Vending machines come in many different versions, depending on your requirements. They are capable of vending a mixture of coffees, teas, hot chocolates or just hot water.

3 easy steps to replacing your old Hot Drinks Vending machine.

  1. Choose a machine. (We know the choice can be daunting, so we can help you.)
  2. Choose your drinks. (Probably the easiest part.)
  3. Contact us! (Even easier than No 2!)

Red Hot vending…
A single supplier, a single phone call and a single-minded commitment, to YOU!

Top class service and delivery with nationwide coverage and we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need.

Feel free to browse around our selection of free vend hot drinks machines and coin operated hot drinks machines then call us to ask any questions. We’re REALLY friendly!

Don’t forget to check out our special offers page.

If you want a more personal service, need advice or a quick fix just get in touch.

We place great value in our customers and providing quality products.

Red Hot Vending are an established vending company who provide a wide range of refreshment systems to a variety of business sectors across the UK.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best drink and snack machines available, along with all the backup service they need.

From an office needing a hot drinks machine for the meeting room, all the way up to a large factory who need a range of snack and drink vending systems for the canteen, Red Hot Vending can supply machines to meet all requirements.

We can also supply fairtrade and rainforest alliance accredited products for vending machines meaning you can also be environmentally friendly.

We guarantee to offer the best options for you and your business. We won’t sell you something you don’t need!

Red Hot Vending cover the whole of the UK, so order with the confidence that we can help you wherever you are.

Update your old Hot Drinks Vending Machine with one from Red Hot Vending.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Hot Drink Refills – Cost v quality


Hot Drink Refills – Cost v quality.Douwe Egberts

Here at Red Hot Vending, we sometimes get asked for an extremely cheap price on unbranded hot drink refills.
Even though it could mean losing a potential customer, we always turn down these sort of requests… Why?

Because we are just not prepared to risk our reputation on unknown, untested products with no guarantee of any sort of quality.

In this life, you usually get what you pay for.

Ever wondered just what effect a poor quality cup of coffee could have on a blossoming business relationship?

We’ve probably all been there… Whilst visiting a prospective client, a new customer or supplier, there is always the obligatory social protocol of offer and acceptance of a hot drink.
While waiting for your drink, you fervently hope that your host only uses quality drink refills… Just like you do in your own business.

If a bitter, poor quality drink is offered, it could well tip the balance on any business decisions made that day!

Now, we aren’t saying that unbranded hot drinks are always terrible quality. But we do PG Tips quality hot drinkbelieve that to achieve CONSISTENT good quality a premium branded product, or at least a good quality generic product we know and trust MUST be used.

We don’t know about you, but we would much rather pay a couple of pennies more for a cup of coffee or tea, to guarantee a great drink every time!

So, if you want “cheap” coffee, we’ll regretfully have to turn down your request.

We will of course always offer you an unbeatable price on a premium or a good quality generic product.

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